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Self Managed Superannuation

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are a core component of our business, and offer those planning for their retirement the opportunity to exert greater control over how their superannuation funds are invested, to obtain greater transparency of risks and fees, and to better exploit the strategies and opportunities permitted by superannuation legislation. Like other superannuation funds, they are primarily used to meet the retirement needs of members.

We offer specialist advice on establishing and running SMSFs, advice on investment opportunities and limitations using SMSFs, holding personal insurances within a SMSF, and compliance and in-house administration services. For those seeking simplicity and ease of management our bundled service gives you all the benefits of a SMSF, while relieving you of much of the administration burden.

For those with existing professional relationships, our services dovetail into those offered by accountants, stock brokers, specialist auditors, and other financial planners, with online account access available where required. This assists in ensuring a cooperative approach in meeting the holistic needs of your SMSF, and significantly improves confidence in your funds ability to achieve objectives.

For further information of a general nature we highly recommend browsing the ATO Self-managed super funds home page . You are also most welcome to meet with one of our advisers on a no obligation basis to obtain further information on SMSFs and their suitability.