About Us

Grove Securities Pty Ltd was established in 1999 in the beautiful coastal city of Albany, Western Australia, and now holds well established operations in both Perth and Albany.

We offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services but believe our differentiating attributes are the high quality of our advice, our work ethic, our value borne from our genuine desire to achieve what is in your best interest, and our reputation for integrity. Because we place such importance on the value of long term relationships we also believe firmly in supporting those communities that support us.

Achieving the best possible value for clients has always been at the forefront of our thinking, and it permeates our approach to service and our investment philosophy. In part this is assisted by being privately owned and holding our own licence (AFSL 233713), where we are free from the influences that come from the pecuniary interests of product providers, stockbrokers, banks or other financial institutions. Some 90% of financial planners work directly or indirectly for banks or large dealer groups.

Our private ownership model also motivates our advisers to develop long term relationships, providing you with stability and a contact on whom you can rely.

For example, economic, equity and market research is obtained from a carefully selected number of Australian and international research houses. If, after overlaying our own processes, we are not satisfied that a research house adds value for clients, we will replace them. We do not have to choose between the interests of our clients and supporting corporate relationships.

Similarly, our staff are not required to write a minimum amount of business each month or achieve certain levels of product sales, and we receive no volume incentive payments for placing client money with any particular institution. This helps avoid unnecessary transactions and unnecessary costs.