Our Offering

When it comes to managing investments, we take our responsibilities very seriously. Our approach to investing is to obtain a detailed and deep understanding of your particular goals and circumstances, and then to develop personalised investment strategies and portfolios that are carefully constructed to maximise the probability of achievement.

Underpinning this approach is the philosophy on which our business was founded. We believe that it is important to have a robust framework for investment decision making, which puts each investor's interests at the forefront of every decision. Our approach focuses on strategic advice and forward looking fundamentals, which we believe are most likely to prevail over the longer term, and on how investments might perform under different economic scenarios. Understanding the return potential of investments is important - one reason we strongly favour direct investments and transparency.

Our goal is to obtain a detailed understanding of your hierarchy of needs, objectives, attitudes, and relevant circumstances, and to use this to develop a personalised investment strategy that seeks to maximise the probability of success. As peace of mind is important, we take the time to explain your personalised strategy and investments, and to assist you in making informed decisions. We make an effort to be easy to deal with, and take pride in delivering on our service commitments.

One of the many benefits of our approach is that it assists you in exploiting the advantages individual investors hold over institutions (for example, certain public offer superannuation or managed funds), without losing the operational efficiencies that scale can bring. These advantages include being able to avoid poor stocks included in benchmark indices, avoiding short-term focus and being able to invest for the long term, tailoring the portfolio to specific needs, being able to allocate to investments that might be too small or unique to appear on institutional radars, and being able to exercise greater control over your cash weighting.

Our investment process generally involves active management of your investments, taking into account the evolving economic and capital market environment, independent external research and analysis, the overlay of our own philosophy and analysis, your changing circumstances, and the management of threats and opportunities to your investment goals.

Understanding and applying investment analysis techniques, modern portfolio theory, and risk management is an important part of the process, but investing is not an exact science. We also recognise the importance of judgment, and draw this from the great depth of knowledge and experience held in our firm. We also provide comprehensive transaction, administration and management services so that those wanting to spend their time on other activities can do so while retaining right of veto on all decisions.

Factors differentiating our management service from many other firms is that by holding our own Australian Financial Services Licence we are free to recommend investments that we believe are in your best interests (not those of the institutions), you retain full direct ownership and control, and our advice on rights issues, buy-backs, mergers and acquisitions, and other corporate actions is proactive and tailored to your personal circumstances.

Please contact us for further information about the flexible range of service packages available.